Good questions

Good answers



Rules for survival.

1) Do not take responsibility for things you cannot control.
2) Take care of yourself or you cannot take care of anyone else
3) Trouble is easier to prevent than fix.
4) When you get upset, tune in and three-step:
5) If the answer to Rule 4.3 is "nothing" apply Rule 1.
6) Ask for support when you need it - and give permission to others to feel what they feel.
7) In a bad situation you have four options:
8) If you never make mistakes you are not learning anything.
9) When a situation turns out badly, decide what you would do differently next time.
10) At any given time you can only make decisions based on the information you have.
11) Life is not fair - and life is not a contest.
12) You have to start where the patient is at.


Subjective The history of the presenting symptom
Objective Examination, laboratory and radiological findings
Assessment Diagnosis
Plan Management

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