Hackney Cyclists celebrate Car(e) Free Day

Obviously the car free day we organised paled into insignificance besides the magnificent stoppage organised by the oil companies and their contractors the week before; but.. whatever. Yes, Elvis lives, the weather was sunny, and what could be finer than some gentle urban tourism awheel in good company?

Elvis meets adoring fans

Love me tender. The universal appeal of Elvis is a remarkable phenomenon.

The power and the glory: don't you just love American culture?

Elvis passes through Dalston. The pub behind was closed down and boarded up a few years ago after plenty of drug dealing took place there

Elvis on the back of the Brox Boomin' Beat Box, London's most powerful portable human-powered public address system. The Brox is rated for 250kg and is powered by a single rider, though when it is fully laden it is nice to have a bit of help up the hills.

Elvis passes the controversial Dalston South development site. Chelverton Properties' speculative plans for a 250 place car park seem currently in abeyance.

Green London assembly member Darren Johnson and Camden's Town Crier enjoy Elvis' stunning vocal technique at Seven Dials. The seven streets were fully opened for pedestrian and cycle traffic by far-sighted Camden officials.

Hackney's Green Party councillor Yen Chit-Chong opines on Care Free Day.

Elvis waves to his Hackney admirers.

In full song approaching Hackney central. The mixing console (blue) of the booming beat box is visible at the bottom of the photo. It houses two CD players and a portable mixing desk for sharp musical cuing.

Elvis gives way to the number 38 at the junction of Mare Street and Graham Road.

Horsedrawn omnibus from the London Transport Museum.

Elvis outside Hackney Town Hall

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Posted 25 September 2000