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London has ideal terrain for cycling. Its year round temperate climate helps too. Cycling is a convenient way to travel, and you can fit your daily requirement for exercise in with the rest of your life. Yet many more people would like to cycle than actually do. One reason for this is that they are underconfident on the road; or maybe they never learned to ride a bike as a child. CycleActive is for these people.

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Meet your teacher, Mr Patrick Field. He knows how to ride a bike.

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The setting? We'll begin in the pleasant environs of Victoria Park.

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First, let's master the basics with plenty of space and no traffic.

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That was easy, so it's on to practising some advanced techniques like a quickfire turn...

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..or riding uneven surfaces. (Handy when you meet a pothole or two on the road)

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With the basics safely under your belt, it's time for instruction on the road.

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You too can ride with confidence and enjoyment on London's streets. Another cyclist is reborn. Beautiful.

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