Computer viruses, myths, and hoaxes

Computer viruses, myths, and hoaxes

False virus warnings don't corrupt your data, but they do waste everyone's time. Check out the sites below before you forward any virus "warnings" and cut the chain of transmission...

Mac virus software

A review of virus software for the Mac

This site reviews anti-virus software packages for the Mac. Useful comparison table. I'm trying hard to be more cross-platform, not succeeding here.

Computer Incident Advisory Capability (sic)

US Dept of Energy's effort to beat hoax e-mail

If you want a quick introduction to the world of hoax e-mail visit this site. The site contains useful information about how to identify a hoax, how to identify a valid warning and what to do if you think a message is a hoax. Also describes a number of hoaxes doing the rounds at the moment.

Rob Rosenberger's Kumite.Com
An independent entertains and informs
"Mundus vult decipi"
(The world wants to be deceived)
Stop the spread of fear & myths about computer viruses by visiting this site and learning the truth. Everything you ever wanted to know and more about computer viruses. Check out the A - Z of hoaxes on this informative and user-friendly site.

Stephen William Rimmer's Death to Spam.

This guy is angry about unwanted email, and what's more, knows how to get revenge

Lengthy, technical information on tracing e-mail, message filters, plus legal issues. Probably only worth it for the people who run servers and who get a problem, but it's a good way into the issue. Rimmer can't resist a fancy tricks that make for a heavy download, but the info's probably worth the wait.
Campaign Against Unsolicited Email

Link up to CAUCE's campaign to illegalise unsolicited email

Lots of links, legal language, and an incitement to earn money from complaining about spam.

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