On becoming a super randonneur


At the end of August 1999 I rode a bike from Paris to Brest, and back again, a distance of 1216km or about 750 miles in a little less than 85 hours. The purpose of this text is to explain what motivated me to do it, and share what I've learned about riding a bike. You can download the whole thing if you want to read it out and read it on paper.

Some personal history My most intimate cycling habits

About Audax UK Who are these ultra-distance cyclists?

Tools of liberation Which kind of bike to ride

Anything that does not kill me makes me stronger Learning from adversity

Riding at night How to adapt to the contemporary nocturnal environment

You can never eat too much, only cycle too little Food and drink are fuel

Clothing and shoes What works

Repairs, first aid, personal hygiene Crucial artefacts to take along

Comments and related links Reactions to this site since publication, and some related links (added 02/11/99)

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The Street Machine. I wrote about it for BikeFix in the early summer of '99.

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