About the tenor horn

a brass instrument in E-flat

Playing a brass instrument combines the yogic power of regular breathing exercise with the mathematical concentration demanded in musical performance. Trying to play music, at whatever level, makes you a more complete and happier person. (Though your neighbours may not agree).

True musical inability because of tone deafness is very rare indeed, but performance anxiety is very common. This is culturally bound. Over-specialisation leads to oppression.

I've been playing most days for about the last six months. I mainly teach myself. My gurus are Kathy Hulme and Andy Diagram. I hang about at London Musicians' Collective gigs wondering what it all means, but my real ambition is to form a Cycle Guerrilla Band to storm unoccupied bandstands in London parks, putting on brief un/lightly amplified performances.

Here's the kind of thing we'd like to do.

Mail me if you'd like to do it.

It occurs to me that this page lacks a picture. I don't have one of me with my horn, but here's a tenor horn hero holding her instrument.
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