Career focus production


Current production process of Career focus.

Career focus is a two page spread that appears weekly in the BMJ's Classified supplement. Editorial content is written and commissioned by the editor working in the BMJ editorial office. There are three main elements each week: the main article, the Briefing column, and an illustration.

The main article is usually commissioned and arrive as a disk in the post or by email. Conversion to a PC Wordperfect 6.1 file is handled by the editor or Palm Springs pre-process team. This file is then stored in the W:Classed directory with the suffix .wpd and sub-edited on screen by a technical editor, who updates the suffix to .1xy where xy are the initials of the technical editor concerned.

Conversion to the Mac is then handled by a Save as... Wordperfect 5.1 file, and stored in the M:Classed directory. The text is then flowed into Quark and formatted using pre-defined styles. Adherence to these styles is essential for subsequent smooth conversion of the content to Xyvision.

The Quark file is then saved as Careerfocusddmmyy in the Career focus Quark folder and shared on the network. Subsequent revisions are denoted by the suffix convention previously outlined.

The editor then reviews the spread, composes the Briefing column in Quark, and discusses the illustration with the illustrator.

The illustrator faxes or emails (TIFF) a rough for approval, before emailing a final TIFF for inclusion in the Quark file.

The Quark file is passed by ISDN to the printers who originate the file, and to Synergy, who convert it to HTML.


Future developments

The new standard text processor in the BMJ will be Microsoft Word 97 on the PC which integrates smoothly with Office 98 on the Mac. There have been conversion problems with non-standard elements such as smart quotes on import to Quark, which may have been solved by Palm Springs and the news production team. The directories file-naming conventions used will remain the same.

Web production is switching to Highwire. The conversion process will be largely automated, but will require the addition of subject codes to each main article and briefing column to enable all of the features of the eBMJ. These codes will be added by the editor and stored as hidden (non-printing) codes within the Quark document, probably as an additional textbox on the pasteboard of the Quark document. An on-line database of the subject codes is available.





Jonathan Beadle


0171 383 6421

Margaret Benfell

Editorial assistant

0171 383 6108

Douglas Carnall


0171 383 6044

Greg Cotton

Technical editor

Karen Elliston

Production deputy

Matthew James

HTML conversion

Malcolm Willett


0181 992 6755

The aim of this document is to provide a working guide that would enable a temporary worker to assume any role in Career focus production should this be necessary. What's missing? Mail me.

Rough version 0.99

Updated 30 May 1999