Douglas Carnall's curriculum vitae

Skill set

General practitioner

Software developer


Personal information

Age 36 years
Competent cyclist
Full clean driving licence held
Nationality British
I can just about get by in Spanish


MB ChB 1989
MRCGP 1994

GMC T(GP) 1994

Summary of postgraduate experience

January 2001 to present

I freelance. My core business is as a GP locum, working around 5 clinical sessions each week for a number of local practices. On Tuesdays I attend the year 1 jazz course at the City Literary Institute, and in the remaining time I lend my support to free software projects. I've been working on some implementations of systems that use free software in local practices as I develop my technical skills.

March 1999 to December 2000

As well as editing Career focus and Information in Practice, and latterly editorials, I began work on a series of intranet applications to smooth BMJ workflow and aid internal communication in the office. These included authoring on-line databases of topic codes and custom views of editorial information.

Completed the marathon Paris-Brest-Paris cycle event in August.

In January 2000 I took on a clinical assistant post at the Hoxton Health Collective for one session a week to prevent my clinical skills from atrophying. HHC was an interesting place to work: everyone--doctors, nurses, administrators, receptionists, cleaners--is paid at the same rate, with a number of interesting effects. Fewer inter-professional boundaries can only be a good thing. But with pay for doctors somewhere between one third and one half of the going rate, recruitment of doctors is problematic.

 April 1998 to March 1999

Research fellow at UCL's School of Public Policy. The project looked at the best way of disseminating research information to health care professionals in the NHS. Specifically, we developed a data structure to summarise research information generated by the NHS R&D programmes and implemented a prototype to demonstrate it on the web. (Email Sally Welham, and ask her to boot the Mac if those links are dead and you're really interested)

A full implementation, built on our project, is now known as the ReFeR database.

My work at the BMJ continued.

 April 1996 to December 1997

 I worked half time in General Practice in inner city London. The diverse population served by the practice developed my experience in all areas of acute and continuing medical care. I combined this with editing the careers section of the BMJ. I also contributed articles on diverse topics for several publications, most notably a series on sports medicine for The Guardian.

April 1995 to April 1996

Editorial registrar, BMJ. This was a one year training post in medical editing and journalism. I participated in all aspects of the editorial departments work: reviewing original manuscripts, presenting papers to editorial meetings, and writing, editing, and commissioning articles for most sections of the journal. I edited the letters, the medicine and the media section, and wrote the BMJ's press release each week.

Sept 1994 to April 1995

Locum in General Practice. I worked for eighteen practices, falling diversely along the axes of rural/urban, singlehanded/group, deprived/affluent, dispensing/non, fundholding/non, paperless/computerless, and developed experience of the breadth and depth of general practice after a trainee year spent solely in one. My experience in Palliative Care at Arthur Rank House, Brookfields Hospital, Mill Road, Cambridge, gave me exposure to modern management of patients who need terminal care.

Sept 1993 to August 1994

 Trainee in General Practice to Dr. J.D. Silverman and Dr R.C.R. Bertram. The practice had six partners, was non-fundholding, dispensing, and served the 10,000 residents of Linton and its surrounding villages in south Cambridgeshire. It operated from purpose built premises which also served as a base for the local primary health care team. I attended the Cambridge VTS, and took part in a successful MRCGP study group.

 August 1992 to July 1993

  Locum Clinical Assistant in Psychiatry to Dr. A.K. Gopalaswamy, Red Roofs Psychiatric Rehabilitation Unit, Bootham Park Hospital, York. Locum in general medicine to several private, district ,and teaching hospitals in the north of England, while founding and editing Swab, a quarterly magazine for junior doctors.

 February 1991 - July 1992

  Senior house officer in general medicine to Dr. J.P. Bingle (Diabetes and Endocrinology), Dr. A.M. Hunter (Chest Medicine) and Dr. P.M. Crawford (Neurology), York District and Bootham Park Hospitals, York.

 August 1990 - January 1991

  Senior house officer in accident & emergency medicine to Mr. M.L. Ayres, Scarborough Hospital, Scarborough.

 February - July 1990

House officer in general medicine to Professor H.F. Woods, Dr. J.L. Maddocks, Dr. N.D.S. Bax and Dr. A.J. Anderson, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield.

 November - January 1990

House officer in neurosurgery to Mr. J. Jakubowski, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield.

 August - October 1989

House officer in general surgery to Mr C.H. Talbot, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield

Undergraduate education

Sheffield University Medical School 1983 - 1989
(including 1st MB ChB)
Electives in Spain (1987) and Mexico (1988)


James Gillespies High School, Edinburgh, 1977 - 1983
Eight Scottish Certificate of Education (SCE) O Grades, Six SCE Highers, One A-level attained
Bruntsfield Primary School, Edinburgh, 1970 - 1977


Dr Victoria Holt
Hoxton Health Collective
12 Rushton Street
N1 5DR

Dr Jeremy Wyatt
Health Knowledge Management Programme
School of Public Policy
University College London
29-30 Tavistock Square

Dr. Jonathan D. Silverman
Linton Health Centre
Coles Lane
Tel 01223-891456

Dr Anna Pilkington
Queensbridge Road Surgery
206 Queensbridge Road
Tel 0171 254 1101

Prof. Richard Smith
Editor, BMJ
BMA House
Tavistock Square
Tel 0171-387-4499

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