independent citizens in the digital age

Networked computers are going to change social structures, hopefully for the better. Pundits, gurus, and venture capitalists have all chuntered on about the prospects for more openness in government, lower priced goods, and it may even be true.

One thing's for sure though: you can't rely on anyone else for your education. You need to educate yourself, and it's a personal thing. Only you can decide what you need to know, and the best way of finding out. Serve yourself, and be clear-eyed about self-serving sources.

If you can read but cannot write you are only partially literate. You can learn to fit your writing into other peoples' slots, and you can learn a lot, but it is an externally imposed discipline, and freedom is the right to choose not only your thoughts, but the information structure that you wish to fit them into. Building your own information structure, running your own server, will teach you how to be free.