Internet resources for HTML and Webpage design

Thanks to Karen Beasley of Keep Informed Training for supplying this list.

This is an excellent site for articles, tips and guides on HTML tags, javascript and other programming issues. It is fully searchable and organised very clearly. The HTML tutorials are listed at
Kevin Werbach's wide-ranging resource for HTML references (including a list of all the tags), validation services, and style guides.
a chart of Netscape safe colours with corresponding hex values
order a poster of netsafe colours to hang on the wall
lets you experiment with different background, text and link colours on-line. Invaluable!
will check out the html on your website
another html validating site. You can select the html standard (3.2, 4.0 etc) that your page will be checked against.
tune up your website! This site gives your website a complete service, including browser compatibility check.


Newsgroups are an invaluable source of help for HTML coders and web site designers. To read and post to groups you will need a newsreader program such as Agent from, or search the archives at

there are several newsgroups in this hierarchy worth reading

more html newsgroups in this hierarchy

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