Handy Zope install links

Made the decision to go with Zope, though a lot of the stuff on the heavily trafficked lists is currently flying way over my head. Had a good whine about the docs on the list.

Anyway, this excellent document is the place to start:

Installing and Upgrading Zope 2.X

Watch out for newbie caveats! They bite:

Gotchas for Zope Beginners

Some background stuff:

Learning Zope - Become A Zope Developer
What is Object Publishing?
Getting Started With DTML Scripting

Some platform specific stuff:

SourceForge: Installing Zope
Installation of Zope (2.2.0) on SuSE Linux 6....
Startup script for RedHat Linux
ZDP: Zope installation on Unix/Linux
Howto use install.sh for lazy Zope / CMF inst...

The list to ask when you've had enough:


which you can search using google: