Booking me for locum work

My curriculum vitae details my medical experience to date.

My current plans are to work as a freelance general practitioner roughly half time, while continuing to develop my other interests in free software. Although working in many practices has its problems, the opportunity to experience different systems, organisations, and practice software is already proving stimulating and valuable. I look forward to being of service to you and your patients.

I am happy to accept offers of work within a 15 minute cycle isochrone of Hackney Town Hall, or, if you prefer, postcode areas E8, E5, E1, N16, N1, EC1-4 and parts of E2 and E3.

My natural consulting rate for patients with unsorted problems in a primary care setting is around 5 to 6 patients each hour. This falls to around 3 to 4 patients each hour when the patient does not speak English and a third party is translating. Some administration and communication time is usually required at the end of each session. My consulting rate falls in poorly stocked consulting rooms. You may find it efficient to arrange for a member of staff to check the room is stocked, as I charge by the hour.

If you book me for a number of sessions I will appreciate using the same consulting room throughout the period.

My rates are as follows:


until 7 April 2002

from 8 April 2002

Hourly rate (0900 - 2300)



Hourly rate (2300 - 0900)



On call from home* (hourly)



*Visits. Please note I will charge my hourly rate for home visits, including travelling time. If I visit at the end of a session the session ends when I leave the last patient's home. If I am on call from home, I will charge the higher rate from my time of departure from home until return home.

I will invoice you in arrears, usually towards the end of the calender month in which the work was performed. If you require more frequent invoices or timesheets, there will be an additional administrative charge for this.

Please note that I am no longer available for co-op sessions in Hackney or Tower Hamlets at night, in the evenings, or at weekends, pending the resolution of some software issues.

locum123 has an elegant on-line booking structure, and I am registered with the site. You may find it useful. Please note: I have no personal or professional interest in the site other than as a humble user. My brief evaluation suggests its approach is reasonable; its owner is a registered medical practitioner and GP locum like myself. Naturally any practice using the site will wish to assure themselves of the bona fides of any GP they may book through the site in the usual manner.

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