master your browser

Remember you have a choice of browsers. They are free, so price is not really a consideration (disk space may be). It's best to keep several around. I use Internet Explorer 4 for most of the time because:

a) you can configure the search page (Netscape's "portal" business strategy means that they can't afford to let you)

b) I prefer the way it deals with my history of browsing

c) the bundled mail client (Outlook Express 4) has a superior 3-window interface (now copied in Netscape Communicator 4.5)

if you work for a large organisation you may not have a choice.

Explaining why this is wrong would be interesting but time consuming. Email me if you'd like me to fill out the links on tackling the mainframe mentality and why your help desk is no help. The opposite is aspiring to be an independent citizen in a digital world.

Some browser hints

The on-line help for both browsers is pretty bad, but fortunately both Netscape and Explorer are fairly intuitive to use.

Some tips:

Command/Ctrl-F is good for searching long pages.

Get to grips with your bookmark file early.

 Explorer's web archive function is worth a look (choose Save as... from the File menu)

Email me with more.

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