name location description license implementation stage
publishing organisation dedicated to development of software for self-archiving of articles free (BSD-type) Linux/Apache/Perl/MySQL stable release
Open archives initiative Dedicated to the design of meta-data formats for harvesting the contents of self-archived publications: numerous tools free Various early release
Public Library of Science Promotes free access to world science and biomedical literature Free open/web early development
RayNux Planned radiologic software laboratory Open source Linux/Interbase early release
AMISE tools for viewing, registering and analysing anatomical and functional volumetric data sets GPL GNOME/C/Linux early release
BMI toolkit for biomedical imaging BSD license C/Unix/BSD early development
Blox Quantitative medical imaging program for MR, DTI and MRS data GPL Java/Javascript/Scheme early development
CTSim CT simulator GPL Windows/Linux stable release
myPACS simple web-based medical image management system (does not support DICOM) ?GPL PHP/MySQL early release
LOINC Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes Free, users cannot modify official codes (though can extend them locally) Codes available as ASCII, Win tools mature
OIO (open infrastructure for outcomes) Server: tool for storing, sharing, and analysing patient information. Library: enables collaborative development of data collection tools (web-based forms) GPL Linux/PostgreSQL/Zope/XML early release
Circare Systems integration for regional healthcare organisations using open source tools for secure networking Open source HTML/XML/Java early release
GEHR Open source EMR system: open information architecture which formally expresses a set of requirements about patient health records: platform/application independence is primary aim Public domain/open source: openEHR licence (mozilla PL derivative i.e. GPL-incompatible) GEHR Object Model written in Eiffel early release
GLIMS OS independent open source lab management system GPL ZOPE early development
LAMDI (Linux Anesthesia Modular Devices) Interface for modular software connecting physiological models, patient monitoring devices, infusion pumps Open source Linux early development
MedMapper Multistep Algorithmic Protocols not clear Tcl/Tk early release
Medical Record DTD Aims to develop XML DTDs that facilitate transfer of patient information from local databased to aggregated web-based information stores ? XML early development
OpenGalen Formal model of clinical terminology that attempts to bridge gap between the requirements of machines and people ? Win32/proprietary database early development
Protogen/HL7 Libraries for parsing HL7 data GPL C++ early release
record systems
GNUMed Paperless medical records system GPL Linux/Python/wxPython/PostgreSQL early development
TK Family Practice EMR for physicians GPL Tcl/Tk early release
VistA hospital information system Public domain MUMPS (M) over TCP/IP mature
Cosmos Planned library of reusable objects relevant to medical domain. Simple patient registry database is first goal GPL Java/DOS/ArgoUML early development
OpenEMed EMR system based on distributed object specifications of OMG BSD Java/CORBA stable release
Arachne Clinical workstation components and development toolset MIT license (BSD-like) C++/CORBA on Linux stable release
FreeMed EMR system LGPL PHP/Apache/MySQL early release
FreePM (free practice management) EMR system GPL Python/ZOPE early release
LinuDent Dental oriented electronic record system

early development
Littlefish Patient information and recall with emphasis on primary care Open source Any. Current Win/Delphi implementation (WINE/Linux) early development
MDSchedule Physician scheduling software Unknown PHP/MySQL early development
MediTux Intranet product used to collect ICU data for clinical and research use GPL Java/Linux early release
MedZope web-based tool for health organisations GPL Linux/Zope early development
PhysioNet Collection of physiological signals and related processing software GPL/Open source Linux/Octave +others stable release
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