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It's been a while since I picked up my 35mm camera and burned silver, but I hope you'll agree the results are worthwhile. Riding from Hackney to Whitstable in Kent last Sunday was the most fun I've had in ages. I think I'm going to have to do it again one day soon...

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A former water skier. What can I say? Ali G is quite some woman. Though it was only her second day ever on a recumbent, she managed to keep up with the British Ladies Champion of the BHPC. Way to go Ali!

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These are the guys she had to keep up with. Fortunately they stopped to pose for photographs now and again, so we could all get our breath back.

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Stuart is the man behind the machines. Thanks Stuart! We're having a lot of fun!

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We like to stop for a gourmet lunch. Here the group is captured on camera not far from the fish market at Whitstable. Yum yum! The coast of Kent can still yield a tasty meal for the hungry cyclist.

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It was quite hard going to Whitstable. Kent is hilly, and it was 87k. We tried to maintain Audax pace, but didn't succeed.

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Monica bikes notes round town for the dieticians. She didn't come on the Hackney-Whitstable ride, but she's got potential I think.

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She can ride a bike well enough. Abney Park Cemetary was her choice of location for the photo by the way. Way to go Monica!

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The sage and the editor converse. Wise men to have along on the road, if you can stand the pace.

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Trevor's obsession with a healthy diet seems to be getting out of hand at times. But we're glad he's enjoying himself anyway.

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