How should the MJA use the internet?

5 July 1999

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Table of Contents

How should the MJA use the internet?

What the internet can do for you

The internet as a tool of communication

What the internet can't do for you

Knowledge Productions philosophy

Current situation

Possible models of MJA usage

Email only

Email costs


Brochureware costs

On-line database

On-line database costs

Author: Douglas Carnall


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The slides here are unaltered, though the presentation of the MJA finances has been removed as you nay not wish this information to be published.

The 6 days of work I estimate it would take to develop a basic "brochureware" MJA website would include about 2 days of initial development, two days of training and 2 days of followup and maintenance. This approach assumes that MJA staff and committee are keen to develop their internet literacy.

Contact me if you would like further clarification.