Copyright versus community in the age of computer networks

This is a verbatim transcript of the talk Richard Stallman (RMS) gave to the Libre Software and the Law stream on Friday 7th July 2000. The audience of perhaps 60 attendees were part of the 5 day Logiciel Libre Conference in the University of Bordeaux.

You can download the entire file (57k) or read a version crudely chopped:

Introductory remarks and history (11k)

Problems with current systems of copyright (7k)

Different kinds of copyrighted documents (15k)

Some possible solutions to copyright problems (15k)

Audience discussion (15k)

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Transcription by Douglas Carnall 10 July 2000.

Updated 21 July 2000. (The section on solutions was in fact missing from the earlier "entire file" version. )

Thanks to the editors at the BMJ, Linux User, and Health Informatics Europe for encouraging me to make the trip.

Copyright 2000 Richard Stallman

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