Avant-garde Christmas carols

My ambition to form a small brass ensemble to perform in unoccupied bandstands in London parks came a little closer this Christmas. More than year ago, when I has just been playing the tenor horn for a few months, Kathy mentioned to Andy how much I would enjoy some simple arrangements of some Christmas carols. On my birthday in November Andy arrives round at the house with a Book of Avant Garde Christmas carols he'd arranged himself, perhaps the best present I've ever had. It took me a year to be anywhere near good enough to play them, but this Christmas we postponed the usual overeating for a few hours to record them, and I'll be putting them up on the site as fast as I can wup them off the mini-disk and on to the server.

Silent night (1min 10 secs)

Systems arrangement-the tune, the tune reversed, the tune inverted, the tune reversed, inverted.

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Music credits:

30 January 2000

Updated 4 November 2001