Well Street intranet project: outline

What is an intranet?

An intranet uses software developed for use on the internet‹such as email, web pages, and newsgroups‹to facilitate communication within an organisation.

How do we plan to use it?

One key area clinicians have identified is a need to archive clinical guidelines at practice, local and national level electronically. One initial objective will be to enable archiving of materials and links to internal and external resources for clinical staff to enable sharing of this knowledge. The kind of information that is currently circulated on paper, is never relevant at the time you read it, and then, when it is, you can¹t put your hand on the bit of paper, e.g. such as guidelines or memos. It's also all the bits of paper you pin to the wall so it's easily to hand.

We may also enable access to intranet versions of local and national information products (for example, the Hackney Community Information database, or the eBNF).

Items such as minutes of clinical, administrative, and educational meetings may also be published.

How will it work?

The information will all be accessed using the standard Microsoft software (Outlook, Internet Explorer) already installed on all desktop computers.

All staff will have a personal web folder on the intranet server in which they can publish documents for example, summaries of internal practice meetings, or clinical guidelines, with a stable intranet web address. They will then post a link and a summary to the newsgroup.

The archive of the newsgroup, and the documents themselves, will be indexed automatically, and searchable by day, date, subject, author, and keywords via a web interface.

Access to information in the personal web folders will be reserved to machines within the Well Street network. The system will make it easy to share information about links to external resources on NHSnet and the internet.